We often see many new Cloud Hosting providers popup and disappear weekly without notice or explanation and this is is what makes it so difficult for new hosting providers to break into the market.

These days it is very easy to setup and call yourself a ‘web hosting provider’. A cpanel reseller account is all you need to get started and with minimal of training and experience many unknowing customers will see the cheap prices and fancy websites and elect to move their valuable website to this relatively unknown provider. The Internet makes it very easy to setup and website and appear much larger than you actually are and while we do not disagree with that, it makes choosing a hosting provider that much more difficult.

Without taking the time to do your own due diligence one would not even be aware of the time the provider has been in business, who is behind the business, support expertise and quality of hardware.

We often see many posts on social media advertising cheap $1 per month hosting and while this may seem enticing, in the long term paying for such cheap hosting can lead to disaster.

Sadly, price is what drives most people and while price is important, it should not be the driving factor when deciding on a hosting provider.

I often think how these ‘hosting providers’ can offer such cheap hosting and I have concluded that there is only one way they could offer such cheap hosting and still make a profit. Many of these fly-by-night providers can offer such low prices due to the fact that they do not have the monthly server expenses, co-location fees and licensing fees that come associated with hosting. The majority of these providers simply signup for a reseller account at $29.99 per month and then jam 100’s of domains in the one account, degrading performance in the process.

In addition to this they do not have the monthly datacenter and server fees that for us run into the thousands each month.

It are these providers that do not consider the impact that their lack of experience brings to other hosting entrepreneurs as there are many providers that put in so much work in their business that breaking into the field where you have gained trust and support from the public that the mere sight of your brand instantly provides a level of professionalism and reliability. Unfortunately many customers have been burnt by these providers that do not have the experience nor the hardware to provide any form of reliability or security for customers websites and data. It is this reason that new providers to the industry find it painstakingly difficult to catch a break in this industry. How can we stop this ? Well, regulation for a start. I feel that the hosting industry is an integral part of our businesses and daily lives that owners, directors and staff should be adequately experienced to provide such services. Proper training, being certified and being approved by some body that posts to a public database where anyone can search and find out if the hosting company has all the necessary level of experience and certifications to run a hosting company and to be responsible for third party websites and data.

While this may sound extreme to some it may not be the answer but it may be a step in the right direction to assure the public that the hosting company they are dealing with is both experienced and has experienced staff to properly mange all the functions that come with managing a hosting company.

While we encourage anyone that wants to get into the hosting industry to go for it but be ready for many years of late nights, hard work and minimal reward. If I recall correctly it took OneHost Cloud 2 years and many sleepless nights before we actually made a profit, but with persistence and dedication to customer support anyone can be successful in the cloud hosting industry as long as you are not thinking that you are going to instantly make money because unless you have a huge advertising budget you are not.

In this business word of mouth is important as a good review from ten customers can see you receive one hundred customers due to the recommendation from just ten. We have not always done things right and we certainly have made many mistakes along the way but we are always learning and modifying our business and customer support processes to keep our customers satisfied while providing reliable Cloud and Web Hosting for the current and future customers of OneHost Cloud.


Ben McGuire

Founder, Head of Cyber Operations

OneHost Cloud Limited