To celebrate our new website and community forum we have decided to give all our Kali Linux customers that are currently on our starter plan and only have 1 GB RAM as FREE UPGRADE.

So, if you have a Kali Linux VPS and currently have only 1 GB RAM in your VPS you can upgrade via your control panel and select 2GB RAM to receive your FREE upgrade.

Please note that this free upgrade is only for customers that currently have only 1 GB.

Kali LInux VPS Hosting

On another note please be aware that when using NoMachine to connect to your VPS, if you change the NoMachine settings to the maximum resolution you will see a performance degrade as the system need to process additional bandwidth. You can set the quality to maximum and the resolution to what you are comfortable with. These settings can be changed within your NoMachine client on your local PC in display settings.

We expect to add the latest Kali Linux 2017.1 to our clusters by the end of this week. Those customers who wish to upgrade can either rebuild their VPS using the latest Kali 2017.1 or they can issue the apt-get dist-upgrade command in their Kali VPS.

In addition please sign-up for our forums via our website

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.