Automatic Cloud Provisioning of Applications

Develop and Host your Application with Cloud Hosting.

Application Images & OS Templates

Deploy and build your own application stacks on our optimized Compute, Memory or General Cloud VPS Hosting. Install Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, OpenSUSE, Fedora and more. Need More ? Install your own Web Control Panel in 1 click.

Enhanced Compute & Memory Hosting

OneHost Cloud provides optimized Compute and Memory Virtual Private Servers to ensure your application has the power to run your application. Our Compute Hosting has optimized CPU's for high clock speeds and our Memory Hosting VPS guarantees increased memory for your Cloud VPS and applications.

Dedicated Dashboard

We utilize the Virtaulizro API to provide a easy to use Cloud Dashboard to assist in managing your Clud VPS. Full power controls as well as noVNC access and java SSH of required. Rebuild, Reinstall your OS and install your own control panel.

Upgrade Anytime

When your application needs change you can easily upgrade your Cloud VPS at anytime with a simple reboot. Upgrade with additional CPU's, Add Memory and SSD Storage

Containerize Applications

Perform Cloud Isolation with Docker Containers.


We provide an HTTP-based RESTful API that allows you to hook other webs services with our Docker Hosting Cloud.

Custom SSL

SSL is a requirement for any serious application. We support custom SSL certificates. Each project also receives a * subdomain for instant SSL protection by default. For custom domains you can use free letsencrypt certificates..

CI/CD Workflows

Build and deploy containers automatically when you push new code. OneHost Cloud Containers can be easily integrated with continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) tools like Jenkins, CodeShip, or wercker..


Dependencies help you to make sure that your applications (containers) are started in the expected order. Easily control the start/stop and upgrade order of Docker containers in your project..

Enhanced Privacy & Security

OneHost Cloud manages your sites and server security with highly trained and dedicated staff on hand 24/7 365 days a year.

99.999% Uptime SLA

We provide almost 100% uptime guarantee. Our highly redundant infrastructure ensures maximum uptime and performance.

Global Datacenters

We are continually added more datacenters to our hosting products to provide global redundant solution for our customers.

Always Improving Technologies

OneHost Cloud sees itself as an innovator and invests a great deal of time and money into new hosting technologies. Our development team consist of contractors that are employed to build new technologies and provide advanced solutions to ensure we can continue to provide fast and efficient hosting.

Entrprise SSD

We use enterprise-grade solid state disks (SSDs) for increased storage performance.

Cyber Intelligence Solutions

Systems Analysis of Malicious Activity and Cloud Intelligence Services.

Actionable Intelligence

Integrate, normalize and consolidate sources of incoming cyber threat intelligence from multiple formats, both structured and unstructured, into a central intelligence repository. Enrich incoming information using external databases or internal databases, based on powerful rulesets to improve context.

Threat Intelligence

Using national security as an analogy, just about anything and everything is a potential attack vector. There simply isn’t enough time, money, or manpower to defend against every imaginable scenario. Instead the government gathers threat intelligence so it can understand which threats are most credible or imminent and allocate resources accordingly to guard against those attacks.

Threat Actors

Sharing is key to fast and effective detection of attacks. Quite often similar organisations are targeted by the same Threat Actor, in the same or different Campaign. We will make it easier for you to share with, but also to receive from trusted partners and trust-groups. Sharing also enabled collaborative analysis and prevents you from doing the work someone else already did before.

Honeypot Deployment

Our global honeypots are essentially “virtual venus fly traps” set up to detect, capture, and analyze the latest attacker techniques and tools. Leveraging the insight gained by honeypots placed in high traffic networks.

Hosting Tools

Powerful Cloud Hosting Dashboard with all the tools you need to manage your Virtual Servers

Powerful Cloud Dashboard

The OneHost Cloud VPS Dashboard allows customers to easily manage their cloud virtual private servers with ease. We have integrated with the Virtualizor API to provide our customers a responsive cloud dashboard.

Cloud API System

For developers we have the option our using our cloud API. You can create your own tokem via the cloud dashboard to provide you with access to our cloud API system.

Rich Applications via Dashboard

Our responsive Cloud Dashboard allows customers to install all the latest in Web Control Panels such as cPanel, Webmin/Virtualmin, Vestacp, Webuzzo and many more. These can be automatically installed via a simple click in the Cloud Dashboard

Docker Integration

OneHost Cloud is rolling out our new Docker Hosting Platform. We expect this to be ready mid-2018

OpenStack Platform

Built on proven open source technologies from OpenStack

Container Orchestration with Docker

OneHost Cloud includes Docker for container orchestration and management. OneHost Cloud adds developer and operations-centric tools that enable:

  • Rapid application development
  • Easy deployment and scaling
  • Long-term life-cycle maintenance for teams and applications

Docker Container Runtime & Packaging

Built around a standardized container model powered by OpenStack application programming interfaces (APIs) for Docker, applications created on Docker can easily run anywhere that supports Docker-formatted containers.


Connect to the industry's largest ecosystem of partners, customers, and experts that support and accelerate your success.

Open Source

Unlike other major technology suppliers, we work and participate in the Openstack community as Openstack is the world's leading provider of open source solutions