Plesk Shared Hosting

$0.99c Plesk Hosting Special

Take a look at our Plesk Hosting Special to introduce yet another product from OneHost Cloud. To introduce the roll-out and addition of the latest Plesk Onyx Control Panel we have added a cost effective hosting plan to entice customers to try the great new Plesk Onyx Control Panel. Customers can signup and get their […]

Bulletproof Hosting

Bulletproof Hosting

OneHost Cloud is a world class provider of private, reliable and secure cloud hosting. We are the number one provider of Pentesting Cloud Virtual Private Servers for security professionals and budding pentesters. Recently we have built our latest addition to our range of hosting products – we have added a second cpanel cluster to compliment […]

OneHost Cloud

New European NGINX Cpanel Hosting

We have recently built and introduced our new NGINX Cpanel Hosting located in our France Datacenter. For a number of years we have relied on our Cpanel Cluster in the United States but due to customer demand and our privacy protections we thought ir prudent that we build a cpanel server in Europe so that […]

Is the TIPI App Secure ? Far From It

As I sit here I am listening to what I am assuming a representation of TIPI and hearing him talking about this app called TIPI which now has been installed in hostels around Australia. After doing much research it is apparent that any hostel that has this app customers are forced to use this app […]

Tor HIdden Websites

Tor Hidden Services & Hosting Improvements

Finally we have made some significant changes to our Tor Hidden Service Hosting. Initially we allowed customers to access our Tor Control Panel via the clearnet however this was not an ideal solution for the privacy conscience Tor user. We have now moved our Tor services and all our customers to a new and improved […]

VMware Integrated OpenStack Cloud Images

VMware Integrated OpenStack Cloud Images

Finally after three months of trial and error, lodging numerous posts on VMware Forums, Twitter Tweets, Facebook Posts and Linkedln messages I have finally manage to work out a solution that works for creating Cloud Images ( Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS ) however at the moment I can only get the Ubuntu 14.04 image to work […]

New OpenStack Dashboard Coming Soon

Our team has been working on implementing and making available a custom OpenStack dashboard so that customers of our virtual private servers and Pentesting Machines can utilse that full functionality of the OpenStack API. Once implemented customers will be able to boot, restart, shutdown and even rebuild their instances all from their OpenStack Dashboard. Currently […]

OneHost Cloud v Amazon AWS – Kali Linux

Kali Linux is the go-to Pentesting Distribution for seasoned professional pentesters and amateur hackers. Kali Linux has a broad user base and has been on top of the pentesting distributions for the past 10 years. For security and amateur pentesting the usual way to install and run Kali Linux is to boot the Kali Linux […]

Metasploit and Meterpreter with NAT

Using Metasploit and Meterpreter with NAT requires a SRVHOST and SRVPORT. These 2 variables will be used by Metasploit to determine where the webserver needs to bind to and listen on.  The plan is to trick the target to connect to this webserver, using the public IP of our firewall/router, which will then forward the [...]