Our Enterprise network has been custom built for any compute application. Enhanced storage with our Ceph Cluster and Anti-DDoS protection will allow for any deployment type

So Where is Your Data Hosted ?

OneHost Cloud currently deploys your virtual servers, websites and other service in France. We are adding new locations over time as we expand our offering globally.

We choose our locations very carefully to offer excellent connectivity, security and reliability for our clouds. A cloud can only be as reliable as the underlying infrastructure it relies on. As such all our locations meet at least a Tier III or equivalent data center rating. If you don’t see a suitable location on this page, let us know, we might be coming to that part of the world very soon! Below we set out details of each data center that we utilise as part of our policy of maximum transparency to customers.

Standard Features

View our datacenter features which include power, security, cooling and the physical structure based upon the building standards for datacenters



  • Power supply: 26 MW (five sets of dual-feed)
  • Transformers: 16 units of total power 21,320 kVA
  • Power distribution: 230 V / 400 V AC (2N), distributed via dual independent circuits
  • Power: 4×16 A (2A+2B) per cabinet. Other circuits possible on request
  • Power density: Up to 10 kW per cabinet. High density solutions possible on request
  • UPS system (presently): 12,780 kVA static UPS
  • Diesel gensets (presently): 12 units of total power 16,070 kVA



  • Power supply: 26 MW (five sets of dual-feed)
  • Security systems: CCTV system (inside and outside); Zoned access control system based on proximity card; Visitors are escorted within the building; Intrusion detection systems; Access list; On request customized security systems (e.g. man-traps)
  • 24/7/365 services: Guards on-site; Monitoring; Network Operations Center (NOC); Technical staff
  • Power: 4×16 A (2A+2B) per cabinet. Other circuits possible on request
  • Entrance: Electronic ID; All alarms monitored 24/7/365



  • Advanced network capacities: 10Gb+ and 40Gb+ connectivity on main network
  • Anti-DDoS via Arbor appliances
  • Redundant network uplinks with backup fiber connections

Global Datacenters

OneHost Cloud currently is located in 3 Datacenters throughout APAC, Europe & Asia with more being added soon including Africa

Fully Redundant Routing

The network consists of minimum Gigabit upstream destined to our operators: : Equinux (40Gb/s) OVH Europe (40Gb/s).

The network configuration is identical in our 4 Data Centers, which are also connected by a loop of optical multiplex DWDM fibre :

  • 4 routers Cisco 7600 with card Sub720-3BXL running duplicate as exiting the Internet. Each chassis is scalable up to 6 cards 16 * 10 Gb/s. They are directly related to the Core routers of our main operators by links Giga or 10Gbs. All routers consisting this network as well as the fibre rings are operated by our network engineers.
  • Layer 3 switches (Edge), Cisco 6506, Cisco 3560 G and 3550G in duplication. These Edge routers work in pairs (duplication at any point). They are connected to the Core Routers via a double 10 Gb/s uplinks and are interconnected by links 10 Gigabit. The used routing protocol is the OSPF and allows an extremely fast convergence in case of interruption of a Core Router.
  • Layer 2 switches related to two of the level 3 switches and client servers. The routing protocols used are the spanning tree and fast spanning tree. These protocols allow in case of interruption of an Edge an almost immediate toggle from routing to the second Edge in duplication. Depending on the level of service selected by the customer, the uplinks of Switches of distribution to the Edges are 100Mbs or 1Gbs.

More Datacenters

With our ever increasing global presence, our datacenter locations grow each  year

France - OVH

Our EU location Paris, France

Singapore - Equinix

With global connectivity

Australia - Equinix

Based in Melbourne, Australia

Let's Build Your Cloud

Ready to build your environment ? Using OneHost Cloud’s global infrastructure you can be assured your applications will run seamlessly and securely on our enterprise hardware and resilient private network

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