OneHost Cloud only uses datacenters that pass a stringent process by our management staff. We have strict guidelines on where we choose to host our servers and customer data. Some include Equinix, CyrusOne and OVH




Each of our servers is powered by an independent and redundant set of power distribution units, which ensures an nonfluctuating source of electricity is available to our systems. Redundancy is key in any hosting environment, and as thus our fully redundant 2.25 megawatt generators are on standby to guarantee consistent uptime should our main power sources suffer an outage. Multi-source redundant power is an essential part of 100TB’s data center design, and as thus our services’ reliability is ensured with the use of multi-day fuel reserves and UPS battery backup in a redundant N+1 configuration―in addition to the aforementioned multiple generators.



Our hosting infrastructure is second-to-none but, in order for it to run at optimal performance, our environment must be consistently regulated. This ensures the longevity of our hardware, and keeps your business open all day every day. Our cooling system is fully redundant; when weather conditions permit we maximize on energy efficiency, cooling your hardware with recycled air from the immediate environment to make each data center that little bit greener.

  • N+1 UPS
  • N+1 Standby generators
  • N+1 Cooling infrastructure
  • Redundant power sources
  • Pre-action dry pipe fire suppression
  • Multi-level facility access control
  • 24x7x365 digital video surveillance

Tier 1

OneHost Cloud ONLY uses Datacenters that pass our strict rules on security and privacy as well as performance
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Equinix’s International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) facilities house data centers for 9,500+ companies worldwide. Our IBX facilities offer the broadest geographic reach, the largest choice in networks and the most efficient connectivity options for companies looking to lease data centre space.


OVH data centers are strictly for our public VPS machines and other customer dedicated machines - servers can only be physically accessed by authorized personnel. Access restricted by security badge control system, video surveillance and security personnel 24/7 on-site, Rooms fitted with smoke detection systems, Technicians on site 24/7

Secure Datacenter

OneHost Cloud houses its most sensitive data in a secure datacenter that is off-limits to the general public. While we cannot divulge what information we store there we can say that we have strict procedures in place to protect customers and their information.


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