If you are starting a Cyber Security or IT Security related course then our Pentesting Virtual Machines will allow you to take a ‘hands on’ approach to fulfill your course needs by using your very own Pentesting Machine. As part of our Cyber University we also provide vulnerable machines that you can legally test your security pentesting tools on. This will allow you to learn how these tools work, how to protect systems against these tools and to fulfil your course requirements. Using our Machines via Cyber University you will gain the upper hand as you will have the practical experience in using and carrying out your very own Pentest.

In our experience some of the course requirements which our Cyber University can assist is:

Network based Security Testing

  • introduces network based testing • TCP/UDP/IP/ICMP, etc., ping and traceroute, network devices and theoretical basis for vulnerabilities • ISSAF approach and methodology, information gathering and network mapping • DNS, WHOIS, tools such as nmap for reconnaissance, vulnerability identification and verification (CVE)

System Based Security Testing

  • operating systems, access control in Windows and Unix-like systems • host based intrusion detection • escalation of privileges and how to exploit these vulnerabilities in practice • system hardening

Web Application Security Testing

  • Internet based applications, web services, protocols and languages • Example exploits such as SQL injection, cross site scripting or similar • Exploiting vulnerabilities • Registry database • Vulnerability mitigation


Virtual Private Servers

  • Pre-installed Kali Linux or other Pentesting Linux Distribution on the students own dedicated VPS Machine

Choice of Pentesting OS

  • Our default Pentesting Distribution is Kali Linux but we can provide any distro as required by the University, the Course itself or the Student.

Webserver Vulnerability Scanning 

  • Our Program also offers multiple virtual machines that are setup to be vulnerable so that students can use their tools and learn how they interact with a vulnerable machine. This machine will be available on the same internal subnet as the students Pentesting VPS

Customised Virtual Machine

  •    We communicate with course providers to fully understand the course requirements and can customise a solution to suit. Our infrastructure can handle provisioning of up to 500 virtual machines in one provisioning session and currently our entire cloud can accommodate over 10,000 Virtual Machines or Instances.
  • Should the course requirements change midway through the course we can make changes as required. These changes can be made in a little as a few minutes and up to 24 hours for major changes.

Packages for Every Course

  • After consulting with the course decision maker we can package a complete solution to guarantee that the requirements are fulfilled and students are assured of being able to use our virtual machines fully and to carry our every and any test as required by the course requirements.

Browser Based or RDP

  • OneHost Cloud can package a solution to suit the needs of the course trainer or University. Select between a browser based solution or give student their own Instance and access via RDP


Our Cyber University offers students a unique hosting environment to enable online based learning with a dedicated Kali Linux VPS
Join the Team

Our Cyber University

Our Cyber University is a program where we setup a secure environment that both students and teachers can use to provide a complete pentesting environment without the difficult setup and installing of your desired pentesting software. We do all the work and with our pre-installed NoMachine software all that is need to use our Pentesting VPS is an Internet connection

On-line Based Learning

OneHost Cloud also provides custom installs where you course requires additional software or configuration. We will liaise with students and teachers and build an environment to suit the current course requirements and duplicate our instances for all students completing that course


To fulfill the needs of the course provided by either our own in house teachers or at your local TAFE or University you will need a high level of computer literacy and be privy to networking protocols and routing. As you are here to learn we will assist where we can to make sure you complete the course with a pass and hopefully all our students will move on to a successful career in Cyber Security


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