OneHost Cloud & Security has introduced our Cyber University Program where we consult with Universities and other course providers that offer courses in Cyber Security and Pentesting.

We have composed packages to suit a range of course requirements including Pentesting. Together with course teachers OneHost Cloud configures a Pentesting package to provide student who are completing the course or degree in their field of study. This provides students with their own Pentesting VPS with installed and configured Kali Linux or any other Pentesting Distribution so that they can complete live exercises and using the various tools within these distros so that they obtain a better understanding of what they do and how they can be using to test the security of a network or server. With this information they then can provide advice on how to protect them from attacks. This can be valuable to any student who is completing a course in Cyber Security or Pentesting as it allows them to use a production grade VPS and carry out their pentests in accordance with course requirements.

In addition to this we also provide purposely vulnerable Virtual Machines on the same subnet so that students can perform tests against a system that is setup to be vulnerable to attack. This enables students to see live and in real time the outcome of their pentest.


Our program is provided as part of the course and the costs for these are either provided by the course provider and added to the cost of the course or by the student who needs a Pentest VPS to assist in completing the requirements of the course. Previously sudents would install their preferred pentesting distro on a Virtual Machine on their laptop or PC but using this type of software this way is both slow and does not allow them to have access to pre-built vulnerable machines that we provide.

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