Most of our existing customers already have experienced and know the lengths we go to in order to protect the security and privacy of their data and personal information. As we are the only pentesting VPS provider we have a duty and obligation to guarantee that the privacy of our customers can be assured as best we can.

At OneHost Cloud & Security we have strict procedures in place to make sure that we maintain our customers identity and data remains private and any requests for such information will always be ignored by any entity that makes such requests. We value and support personal privacy and believe customers should be able to use technology privately and without restrictions. Naturally there are certain laws we need to abide by but these laws we choose to abide by have nothing to do with customer information.

As a security provider we encourage our customers to sign up under a pseudonym and to use a VPN or TOR to maintain the highest privacy possible. Our own VPN services cover much of the globe with over 150 VPN servers in 51 countries. We do not log data and NEVER will.

Our VPS Hosting servers are built for the hight security and privacy protections are in place for fine grained systematic processors.

If the time ever came where we think customers data is at risk we will instantly delete all data pertaining to that customer so that zero data can be extracted later by law enforcement or government. Being a OneHost Cloud customer means you can sleep tight knowing that we have your back no matter what!!