cPanel Tor Hidden Hosting

Now Available !!!!


Due to popular demand we at OneHost Cloud are in our final stages of our new Tor Hidden Hosting platform complete with cPanel.

We acknowledge that our existing Tor Hosting platform may be a little complex for customers new to Tor Hosting and as many customers are already familiar with cPanel we have been busy developing a completely new Tor Hosting platform backed by cPanel.

cPanel Tor Hidden Hosting

CPanel Tor Hidden Service Hosting will allow customers to host their websites on the Tor network and thanks to cPanel customers can upload their website via the builtin cPanel File Manager. Our cPanel Tor Hosting supports both .html and PHP sites which run on either PHP7.2 or the latest PHP7.3.

We have also added Cloudlinux for kernel security, hardened PHP modules and resource limits.

Included in our new cPanel Tor Hosting:-

– 1 v3 Onion Domain
– 1 MariaDB Database
– PHP Selector PHP7.2 or PHP7.3
– 2GB SSD Storage
– Unlimited Traffic

There will be 3 plans which will include more databases, storage and onion domains.

Customers will also have terminal shell access which can be accessed via cPanel as well as all the usual monitoring features which are included in cPanel.

cPanel Tor Hidden Hosting

Customers will note we have disabled all mail services so email via cPanel will NOT function. Our cPanel Tor Hosting is completely secured from the normal internet and access to our servers will be restricted to our own local network.

Our WordPress customers will love the easy to use WordPress Manager which is also available in cPanel for easy and trouble free wordpress installs on their onion domains.

cPanel Tor Hidden Hosting

In addition, to further our servers security we have also encrypted VMware Machines to prevent access without the encryption password. This will further increase our customers sites security should the server ever be confiscated or copied. Encryption passwords are only held by senior staff at OneHost Cloud.

We expect our new cPanel Tor Hosting to be available to customers on the 3rd August 2019.

cPanel Tor Hidden Hosting