OneHost Cloud has been offering Kali Linux VPS Hosting for approximately 2 years and have created a platform that allow Cyber Security professionals, Hackers, IT Managers and various other professional in the Cyber Security Arena to create and utilize our cloud based pentesting virtual machine running the popular Kali Linux 2018.1 operating system.

We have become the go-to provider for Cloud Pentesting VPS machines and currently have over 7000 virtual machines all running Kali Linux. We have carried out many tests and optimized our cloud platform specifically to house Kali Linux and perform optimally and without disruption.

Our Pentesting Cloud is on a dedicated network that allows for increased usage for the various tools that Kali Linux has to offer. This dedicated network has been created and modified so that customers will not be restricted from the security that is implemented in our normal Cloud VPS that our KVM Linux VPS Machines live on. We inform and police is strictly that no DDoS activity is allowed on our platform and any attempt to perform DoS attacks will see us terminate your VPS without notice as once this attacks occurs we are instantly notified by our mitigation systems.

Our Pentesting Cloud come complete with the latest Kali Linux and as of writing is Kali Linux 2018.1. When each new version is released we complete our due diligence on the distribution and then create our image with our custom noMachine Remote Desktop pre-installed for Remote Desktop access. Customers can access their machines via SSH or noMachine and in addition to this they can also access the full power and configuration controls via a dedicated dashboard which is accessible via the Internet. Two Factor Authentication is available and is recommended to be enabled for increased security.

Our standard Cloud Pentesting VPS comes with 2GB DDR4 Memory, 1 Core CPU, 50GB SSD Storage and runs on our 10Gbit network backbone for performance and very low latency. All this for a monthly fee of just $15.99 per month which includes 500 hours of access. To reduce your hours being used for the month it is recommended that customers shutdown their VPS as the hours are only counted when the VPS is running. For better performance we suggest a minimum of 3GB RAM and 2 Core CPU due to the increased resource requirements in the latest Kali Linux version.

Our customers that utilize our Cloud Pentesting are CyberSecurity professionals, White-Hat ( and probably Black-Hat ) Hackers, Universities, Government, Law Enforcement and Amateur Hackers wanting to increase their Pentesting Skills.

We have received excellent feedback over the years and due to our continued optimization and upgrades we have become the standard hosting provider for Kali Linux VPS Hosting and while we have many projects coming in 2018, there is much more in store to further increase the usage and performance of our Pentesting Cloud which will slowly be rolled out throughout the year.