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Simple to use Cloud VPS Dashboard

OneHost Cloud provides a simple to use dedicated dashboard to easily manage the entire aspect of your Cloud VPS Machines. Upon provisioning your receive credentials for the dashboard where you will login and have full management and complete control of your VPS. More information can be found below to read about some of the amazing and user friendly features of our cloud dashboard.

Cloudflare Network


Powered by a dedicated server, the cloud dashboard integrates with our servers to handle the provisioning, migration, control and billing of our cloud infrastructure. Customers will experience the uniqueness of our system where access to your Cloud VPS is at your fingertips. Power cycle your VPS, Reinstall your OS, Schedule Shutdowns and Booting, Access your API credentials, Change your root password, access your VPS console via noVNC and even resize your VPS with addition CPU cores, Memory and Storage.

VPS Dashboard

OneHost Cloud Dashboard Specifications and Features

Boot & Shutdown VPS

Reboot & Power Off

Task Manager

Resource Viewing

Google Authenticator

DNSSEC Protection

Network Configuration

Lightning Fast Page Load Speed

Resource Monitoring

DNS & Reverse DNS Settings


VPS Dashboard

Advanced Functions of our Cloud Dashboard

Generate your API Credentials

Boot & Shutdown Scheduling

Task Manager

10Tbps DDoS Protection

OneHost 99.995 uptime

Multi-Factor Authentication

20 Free Page Rules

Optimized CSS and Minfied HTML

API Integration with your App

noVNC & Java Client