OneHost Cloud is a world class provider of private, reliable and secure cloud hosting. We are the number one provider of Pentesting Cloud Virtual Private Servers for security professionals and budding pentesters.

Recently we have built our latest addition to our range of hosting products – we have added a second cpanel cluster to compliment our already US based cpanel servers. The new Cpanel Cluster is based in the EU and it is this cluster that we offer bulletproof hosting for the security and privacy conscience customer.

Hosting your web site on our EU Cpanel Hosting Service assures customers that DMCA requests are ignored and almost all content is allowed on our EU servers due to the increased security implemented and also the fact that being in the EU and not the US we can take a relaxed stance on content and websites. Naturally there is some content which we do not and never will allow, that is any site or content exploiting children will immediately be terminated an deleted from our servers. Apart from this content we are open to hosting all content on this cluster.

In keeping in line with customer privacy and security should we ever be faced with the situation where revealing customer data is inevitable we would secure delete all customer data BEFORE this ever occurred so we can retain the privacy and security of the customer….we cannot provide what we no longer have.

Our EU Cpanel Hosting comes complete with Let’s Encrypt SSL so customers can install their own Domain Validated SSL Certificates to further protect and secure their site and in addition they can also utilize our free Cloudflare anti-ddos module to protect against ddos attacks. We encourage customers to implement strong opsec when dealing with our bulletproof hosting as we can only do so much and without you the customers also implementing various security measure your site may be open to attack due to your own poor security procedures.

OneHost Cloud is always happy to work with customers to provide reliable and secure hosting and we further encourage customers to contact us so we can decide what it is you require so we can provide the best possible solution for you and while privacy is a top priority to us we always respect customers wish to remain anonymous – all our staff are governed by our NDA where they cannot divulge any information regarding current or former customers of OneHost Cloud.

In addition to our Bulletproof Hosting OneHost Cloud also offers Tor Hidden Service Hosting via our own Tor Control Panel and Tor Clusters. This is just another product we offer to provide our customers the tools to retain private and anonymous cloud hosting for all.

If you have any questions regarding our Bulletproof Hosting or any other product please feel free to contact our support team anytime.