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Complete Bulletproof Hosting - DMCA Protection - 100% Uptime

Our Bulletproof Hosting servers are located in CyberBunker where we guarantee that your site will remain online 100% - no exceptions and complete privacy.


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Maintain your online privacy and your website with our 100% website uptime guarantee. Hosting ANY website on our Bulletproof Hosting servers and maximum your website potential

CyberBunker is located in the Netherlands in a strictly control cyberbunker that is built for the ultimate in hosting security and our guarantee that no matter what the website we alway will keep it online

  • Physical Security

    The bunker was constructed to function at energy saving capacity, totally cut off from the outside world, for over 10 years. Food and survival packages are stored in the bunker. Water is provided through a separate water bunker. The perfect place to hide. Undisputed the most secure location in the world for your dedicated servers.

  • The Facility

    Operating from a Cold War era government command bunker that was purpose-built by the military to house sensitive electronic gear, CyberBunker combines the best of modern commercial technology with military-grade reliability and military construction to provide the most secure and reliable solution for people and equipment.

  • Datacenter Specifications

    Facility is over 5000m² divided over 5 subterranean levels on 10000 m² of land and the entire complex is equipped with airlocks for an independent atmosphere. Complete with Fully redundant air handling/cooling systems, air-tight rooms, Nuclear/Biological/Chemical (NBC) air filtration

  • Fast Provisioning

    Upon confirmed payment your site will be provisioned in minutes and will be instantly available to start uploading your website data.

  • Ultimate Privacy

    We do not view the sites that are hosting on our bulletproof hosting servers and as such customers can host, create and be confident that their sites will be free from DMCA complaints and 100% availability.

Features and Benefits

Our Bulletproof Hosting has some of the best features available in the bulletproof hosting arena.

Latest Cpanel Web Panel

We make is easy to manage your website with Cpanel Web Hosting Manager configured for privacy and Cloudlinux for resource protection.

Cloudlinux Protection

Our Bulletproof Hosting comes with Cloudlinux to maintain complete control over server resources and to maintain fairness between other sites on the same dedicated server

Isolated Platform

Hosted in CyberBunker, your site will remain isolated from physical access and only access to management staff here at OneHost Cloud

Global Datacenters

We will be added more Bulletproof Datacenters soon to bring private hosting to customers that value their privacy.

Professionally Managed Infrastructure

Our proven expertise in our normal hosting environment allows our experienced dedicated team to actively maintain our bulletproof servers from threats and security vulerabilities

24/7 Support

Expert support from our small team of Linux Engineers, Hackers, Cyber Professionals and passionate privacy staff that go to great lenghts to maintain customer privacy.

Enterprise Grade Dedicated Servers

Our standard Shared Bulletproof Hosting servers have 96GB Memory, 16 Core CPU's and RAID 10 SSD Arrays for maximum performance of your sites

Built by Cyber Experts

We only employ staff that has been vetted and abides by the strcitest in background checking. Former hackers that know hosting security give valuable assistance to our Cyber Intelligence team for the best in Cyber Security.


We have a nunber of pre-configured packages with specific Memory, CPU and Storage. You can at any time upgrade as you needs increase or contact us for a custom plan. All plans come with RAID 10 SSD Storage Arrays with snapshot function along with full Cloud Dashboard.

Bulletproof Hosting Packages

Plan Name Domains Mailboxes Databases Storage Transfer Price Description Sign Up
Starter 1 20 1 1 GB 100 GB $4.99 All plans come with RAID 10 SSD Arrays, Cpanel and Softaculous by default and fast 1Gbit networking. Additional resources available. 100% Guaranteed Website uptime Sign Up
Pro 2 30 2 3 GB 200 GB $8.99 An additional domain and 200 GiB bandwdith for all your Bulletproof Hosting needs. DMCA Ignored Hosting on all plans. Sign Up
Premium 3 50 5 5 GB 500 GB $12.99 Our Premium Plan for customers wishing to host multiple domains and MySQL Databases. 1GiB Uplinks for fast network connectivity. Sign Up
Ultimate 5 100 5 10 GB 600 GB $19.99 The Ultimate in Bulletproof Hosting with 10GiB SSD Storage and 5 domains to host multiple website that are guaranteed DMCA protection and uptime. Sign Up

Additional Specifications

Starter Pro Premium Ultimate Description
Domains 1 2 3 5 Add additional resources via Cloudlinux.Upgrade downgrade anytime
Mailboxes 20 30 50 100 Mailboxes or Email accounts for each domain. Upgrade downgrade anytime
Databases 1 2 5 5 We use the latest MariaDB for increased performance of our SQL Hosting Server.
Storage 1 GB 3 GB 5 GB 10 GB If you need more snapshots to easily restore your VPS instance to a particular point in time add more snapshots to your cloud VPS
Cpanel Yes Yes Yes Yes With the world popular cpanel and Cloudlinux your domain will be given resources that you pay for. No more customers hogging resources.
Installer Softaculous Softaculous Sofaculous Sofaculous Softaculous enables for simply, fast and easy installation of over 200 web platform including Wordpress, Drupal, SMF and manymany others.
Cloudlinux Yes Yes Yes Yes Cloudlinux provides for hardened PHP as well as multi php selector as well as resource allocations and many other features such as MySQL Governor for maximum performance.
DMCA Protection 100% 100% 100% 100% We guarantee 100% maximum uptime and zero DMCA takedowns and our 'Anything Goes' policy.
PHP 5.6 - 7.2 5.6 - 7.2 5.6 - 7.2 5.6 - 7.2 Customers can use the Cloudlinux PHP Selector to choose you own PHP you wish to use on your hosting domain.
Webserver Apache Apache Apache
Free Let's Encrypt SSL Yes Yes Yes Yes All plans included Let's Encrypt for instant provisioning of SSL Certificates for your domains.
Storage RAID 10 SSD RAID 10 SSD RAID 10 SSD RAID 10 SSD Our Bulletproof Hosting servers use SSD RAID 10 technology for fast performance and redundancy.
Hourly Mail Limit 100 200 400 500 Customers may send up to the allocated amount of email according to your hosting plan per hour.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Bulletproof Hosting ?

Bulletproof Hosting provides the ultimate in privacy and DMCA protection. It also is hosted in secure and sometimes secret datacenters. .

How does your bulletproof hosting differ from others ?

We have carefully seclected CyberBunker to host our bulletproof hosting servers. CyberBunker provides the best possible privacy and security for our servers. CyberBunker also accepts any and all traffic and hence what customers can be assured that no matter what the content you decide to host on our bulletproof hosting servers your site will always be online and available.

Are there any limitations ?

Due to the nature of Bulletproof Hosting we advise customer not to rely upon email in our Bulletproof Hosting due to our IPs that may be listed on various spam lists. While we do everything we can to prevent this sometimes it is unavoidable. If email delivery is important we advise to use an extrnal email service.

Is their a guarantee on website content and uptime

Our Bulletproof Hosting is hosted in the CyberBunker Datacenter which has their "no Matter What Policy. This states that no matter what the content ( excluding child exploitation or terrorism ) your site will be online and never taken down UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. You can view the policy here.

What Servers are used for your bulletproof hosting ?

Our Bulletproof Hosting is hosted on dedicated Dell 2RU servers with RAID 10 SSD storage and 128 GB Memory and 16 Core CPU's

Our generous data limits also provide full 1 Gbit ethernet connectivity will 40 Gbit network backbone to the internet.

What features or limitations are specific to your cloud hosting ?

We do not impose any limits on our VPS Cloud Hosting however, we do not allow any form of SYN/DDoS or HPING traffic and when our systems detect such traffic your service will be terminated in accordace with our Terms of Service.


What payment methods can I use to purchase Bulletproof Hosting?

OneHost Cloud accepts amany payemnt methods. We currently accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Monero, Ethereum, Dash, Zcash, LiteCoin and many other crypto-currencies. We also accept Credit Cards and Paypal. Please note we will require a copy of the card used if paying via credit card to pervent fraud.

Where can I find more information about CyberBunker ?

CyberBunker has been in business for many years and has multiple Bulletproof Hosting datacenters globally. The well know datacenter in the Netherlands is where we host our Bulletproof Hosting. You can find more information about CyberBunker

Can I try Your Hosting before I buy?

Unfortunately we do not have any trials for our Cloud Hosting however if you are a busines customer and can prove that you are legitimately trialling our services with the intention to purchase we may be able to provide a limited trail. Contact US for more information.

Do you have any promo codes ?

From time to time we do run promotions for specials. These are posted via our social media pages and also on our Support Site in the forums. Sign Up to our Forums to get alerts when we post any promos.


How can I manage my website and hosting service ?

Our Shared Hosting uses Cpanel which is the number one platform for website managment. IN addition we also utilize Cloudlinux and MySQL Governer to isolate resources and customer sites so that no one customer can use all the resources and only use resources which their plan has allocated

What will you do to DMCA complaints ?

Customers on our Bulletproof Hosting receive DMCA protection. All complaints when using our Bulletproof Hosting are sent directly to our trash.

Can I upgrade/Downgrade anytime ?

Yes. You can upgade your hosting plans anytime by selecting the upgrade option in your client area.

What 2FA authentication mechanisms are supported?

We encourage all customers to enable and use 2FA for their client area which can be enabled by selecting the option in your security settings.