OVH Experiences Major Downtime

OVH value just surpassed $1 Billion last year and it appears that they are not stopping there. Founder and CEO Octave Klaba who in under 20 years and at the age built one of Europes most well known and respected Cloud Hosting Companies.Mr Klaba is passionate about technology and he uses this expertise and passion […]

OneHost Cloud Value Your Privacy

Why OneHost Cloud Values Privacy & Security

What do we mean when we say OneHost Cloud Values Privacy & Security ? When customers ask is my data safe and private most cloud hosting providers will almost always say an unequivocal yes without giving it a second thought however the reality is a little different. All one needs to do is peruse some of […]

Plesk Shared Hosting

$0.99c Plesk Hosting Special

Take a look at our Plesk Hosting Special to introduce yet another product from OneHost Cloud. To introduce the roll-out and addition of the latest Plesk Onyx Control Panel we have added a cost effective hosting plan to entice customers to try the great new Plesk Onyx Control Panel. Customers can signup and get their […]

Bulletproof Hosting

Bulletproof Hosting

OneHost Cloud is a world class provider of private, reliable and secure cloud hosting. We are the number one provider of Pentesting Cloud Virtual Private Servers for security professionals and budding pentesters. Recently we have built our latest addition to our range of hosting products – we have added a second cpanel cluster to compliment […]

OneHost Cloud

New European NGINX Cpanel Hosting

We have recently built and introduced our new NGINX Cpanel Hosting located in our France Datacenter. For a number of years we have relied on our Cpanel Cluster in the United States but due to customer demand and our privacy protections we thought ir prudent that we build a cpanel server in Europe so that […]

Is the TIPI App Secure ? Far From It

As I sit here I am listening to what I am assuming a representation of TIPI and hearing him talking about this app called TIPI which now has been installed in hostels around Australia. After doing much research it is apparent that any hostel that has this app customers are forced to use this app […]

Tor HIdden Websites

Tor Hidden Services & Hosting Improvements

Finally we have made some significant changes to our Tor Hidden Service Hosting. Initially we allowed customers to access our Tor Control Panel via the clearnet however this was not an ideal solution for the privacy conscience Tor user. We have now moved our Tor services and all our customers to a new and improved […]

VMware Integrated OpenStack Cloud Images

VMware Integrated OpenStack Cloud Images

Finally after three months of trial and error, lodging numerous posts on VMware Forums, Twitter Tweets, Facebook Posts and Linkedln messages I have finally manage to work out a solution that works for creating Cloud Images ( Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS ) however at the moment I can only get the Ubuntu 14.04 image to work […]

New OpenStack Dashboard Coming Soon

Our team has been working on implementing and making available a custom OpenStack dashboard so that customers of our virtual private servers and Pentesting Machines can utilse that full functionality of the OpenStack API. Once implemented customers will be able to boot, restart, shutdown and even rebuild their instances all from their OpenStack Dashboard. Currently […]

OneHost Cloud v Amazon AWS – Kali Linux

Kali Linux is the go-to Pentesting Distribution for seasoned professional pentesters and amateur hackers. Kali Linux has a broad user base and has been on top of the pentesting distributions for the past 10 years. For security and amateur pentesting the usual way to install and run Kali Linux is to boot the Kali Linux […]

Metasploit and Meterpreter with NAT

Using Metasploit and Meterpreter with NAT requires a SRVHOST and SRVPORT. These 2 variables will be used by Metasploit to determine where the webserver needs to bind to and listen on.  The plan is to trick the target to connect to this webserver, using the public IP of our firewall/router, which will then forward the [...]

Introduction Into CyberSecurity Training by Bruce Williams

Hi, I have been often asked about cybersecurity training. Where do you start? Websites like these are a good To train people in cybersecurity there are various approaches. The method which I teach is based on a risk/return which tries to defend a small to medium business against web attack. One size will […]

Managed Wordpress

Tune Your MySQL or MariaDB Databases

Everyone knows the importance of having an optimal database as these are the cornerstone of any application including PHP websites. Tuning your MySQL or MariaDB Databases are not for the fainthearted however with this simple script anyone can tune their databases with minimal effort and risk. Please note however that before changing any database settings […]

Connecting to Metasploit Behind NAT Network

As customer of our Pentesting VPS Machines they will notice that for security reasons we utilize a NAT network. While this may be a little of an inconvenience for those that are used to having a public IP directly connected to the interface it is not that difficult to overcome this. Using Metasploit when using […]

Using OpenVPN Inside Virtual Machine with Public IP

My team has been working on a solution that most customers have. Why can’t they use a VPN inside their VPS while still being able to connect to their VPS using their public IP address that we have assigned them ? Using OpenVPN inside a Virtual Machine has been something that I have been meaning […]

Upgrading Your VPS

At anytime you can increase or decreased the capacity of your VPS Machines. Currently you can add additional CPU’s, Memory ( up-to 4 GB ) and Storage. The same applies to decreasing your VPS by removing CPU’s, Memory however storage CANNOT be decreased. To upgrade your configuration simply press the Upgrade/Downgrade Option to the right […]

WannaCry Ransomware 2.0

Wannacry Ransomware 2.0 So far, over 237,000 computers across 99 countries around the world have been infected, and the infection is still rising even hours after the kill switch was triggered by the 22-years-old British security researcher behind the twitter handle ‘MalwareTech.’ For those unaware, WannaCry is an insanely fast-spreading ransomware malware that leverages a […]

Duplicate SSH Keys When Cloning Virtual Machines

There seems to be a big security issue when cloud providers ( and customers ) clone virtual machines and provide this master VM for provisioning VPS Machines for customers. When Digital Ocean was informed by its customers  ( see comments ) that this was an issue it took them over 4 months to notify other […]

Latest Kali Linux 2017.1 Now Available

We have finally completed our testing our the latest Kali Linux 2017.1 distribution and added our Remote Desktop software ( NoMachine ) so customers can access their VPS via the NoMachine Remote Desktop application. There have been some improvements which we have listed in a previous post. Current customers can update by rebuilding their VPS […]

Remote Desktop Kali Linux

Remote Desktop Kali Linux VPS Hosting

We have optimized our Remote Desktop Kali Linux VPS Hosting application to be the greatest asset to our Kali Linux VPS Hosting solution. We had tested many many remote desktop applications and only one had the performance and ease of use that we were after. No Machine is a fully functional enterprise remote desktop application […]

Kali LInux VPS Hosting

Free Kali Linux Upgrade

To celebrate our new website and community forum we have decided to give all our Kali Linux customers that are currently on our starter plan and only have 1 GB RAM as FREE UPGRADE. So, if you have a Kali Linux VPS and currently have only 1 GB RAM in your VPS you can upgrade […]

Remote Desktop for Kali Linux VPS Hosting

Our team has been hard at work implementing the latest Kali Linux version for our Kali Linux customers. We have listened to your requests and have implemented some new changes to our old Kali VPS Hosting. We now have added the Gnome version of Kali Linux which has become the standard flavor favourite of Kali […]

Tor Hidden Service Review

Here is a quick overview of our latest product – Tor Hidden Service. More specifically let us host your Tor Hidden Websites using our Nginx, Mariadb, PhpMyadmin and Easy to use Control Panel for easy upload and management of your Tor Hidden Website. Our Tor Hidden Hosting is build on the fast and secure Nginx […]

Windows 10 and Windows Server VPS Hosting

We are pleased to announce our latest roll our of Cloud Images. We have added the latest Windows 10 and Windows Server images to our cloud line up. Don’t pay $60 per month for a Windows VPS. We know have much customers should be paying and we do not overprice our VPS Hosting services. Accordingly […]

Backbox VPS Hosting Now Available

After the ongoing success of our Kali Linux VPS Hosting we are now in the final stages of rolling out our latest edition of our pentesting series by bring an optimized Backbox distribution to our customers. OneHost Cloud & Security has been at the forefront of providing Pentesting Virtual Machines and is the number one […]

Latest Kali Linux 2017.1 Release

Well the time has come to update our Kali Linux images to the latest Kali Linux 2017.1 We have had the new version for some time now so our team has been hard at work completing our due diligence on the image to make sure it is not laced with backdoors, malware or anything else […]

Pentest Magazine – OWASP Testbed with OneHost Cloud

OneHost Cloud & Security was mentioned in the recent April Edition of the popular Pentest Magazine. The edition with the headline ‘BulletProof Your Docker’ has a few interesting articles, specifically the article on page 87 titled ‘Quantum of Solace’ authored by Bruce Williams. This article explains the OODA theory to a Penetration testbed. “The OODA […]

Pentesting Admin Guides

We have provided a range of Pentesting Administration Guides in our documentation section where you will find many PDF books regarding Pentesting, Windows Server and other Network Security topics. You are free to download these or read online. More and more are being add each week do you are advised to check back occasionally. You […]

Hacking Tutorials Website Review

The popular Hacking and Pentesting review site has recently reviewed OneHost Cloud & Security – specifically our Kali Linux VPS Machines. Hacking Tutorials has hundreds of pentesting and hacking tutorials and we are excited to have them review our pentesting services. We provided a full functional Kali Linux VPS to Hacking Tutorials so they can […]

Pentesting In The Cloud

Pentesting In The Cloud with NoMachine

We have been hard at work optimizing and configuring the best possible Remote Desktop solution for our pentesting Virtual Private Servers and we think we have come up with the best solution currently available in the market today. OneHost Cloud & Security is the ONLY hosting provider that offers a full range of Pentesting Distros […]

Cyber University Program

  OneHost Cloud & Security has introduced our Cyber University Program where we consult with Universities and other course providers that offer courses in Cyber Security and Pentesting. We have composed packages to suit a range of course requirements including Pentesting. Together with course teachers OneHost Cloud configures a Pentesting package to provide student who […]

Our Openstack Public Cloud

OneHost Cloud and Security has been hard at work the past few months designing, developing and building their Openstack Cloud service. For months our team has spent long sleepless night s getting things just right and we are now in the final stages of testing ready for the ‘Going Live’ on the 1st November 2016. […]

Customer Privacy & Security

Most of our existing customers already have experienced and know the lengths we go to in order to protect the security and privacy of their data and personal information. As we are the only pentesting VPS provider we have a duty and obligation to guarantee that the privacy of our customers can be assured as […]

OneHost Cloud & Security Wins Customer Service Award

OneHost Cloud & Security are pleased to announce that we have just been awarded the award to ‘Excellence In Customer Service’ by HostAdvice. We at OneHost Cloud & Security has striven to continually provide exceptional service and support to all our current and future customers. Our support response times are far above the standard for […]

SSLv3 Disabled Due to POODLE Bug

Engineers at Google found a new vulnerability in SSL version 3.0 (SSLv3) and they call it POODLE (Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption). The vulnerability allows an attacker to add padding to a request in order to then calculate the plaintext of encryption using the SSLv3 protocol. Effectively, this allows an attacker to compromise the […]

Nginx Cloud Hosting

Many customers are moving away from the better know Apache Web Server to Nginx. We say it is about time as Nginx is far superior in our view. Not only is Nginx lighter, faster and can handle more connections but there is so much you can do with it if you have the time and […]

Online Security for Businesses

You wouldn’t dream of leaving your computer unprotected from malware and viruses – your website shouldn’t be any different. Small and medium businesses are at equal if not more risk of being targeted for hacking, fraud, and spam compared to large corporations because they often have poor security, so can be easy targets. Here are […]

Why DDoS Protection for Servers Is So Important?

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) is an increasingly common attack which is initiated by having huge number of servers/computers requesting for the same resource. Considering that you may have a 1Gbps uplink from your hosting provider (which is fairly common these days) – if someone, with intention to DDoS your servers, will use 4Gbps, 10Gbps, […]

All Servers Protected from HTTPoxy Vulnerability

  All of OneHost Cloud servers are automatically protected from the HTTPoxy Vulnerability as of 16+ hours ago (July 18th 2016, 6.52pm EDT). HTTPoxy is a set of vulnerabilities that affect application code running in CGI, or CGI-like environments which may allow an attacker to proxy outgoing HTTP requests made by your web application, API […]

Web Security & HTTP

Web Security & HTTP HTTP requests can vary however today I will be specifically on the POST HTTP request. I have lots of customers who are running CMS for their business, for instance wordpress, and I am monitoring them servers using custom built scripts, not just for the fun of it, but for the fact […]

Kali Linux 2.0 Now Available on Our VPS Hosting

It has finally arrived. We have now added Kali Linux 2.0 to our range of VPS Operating Systems where penetration testers can provision a VPS with Kali Linux installed and use for testing of servers and other hardware.   As part of our Kali Linux VPS Images we have also added Remote Desktop Software where […]

Tor Hidden Service Hosting – WordPress Available

In light of the recent hacking attack of Freedom Hosting II we have built and new and exciting Tor Hidden Hosting Service. Our Tor Services have been tested and we have added some exciting features for easy Tor Service use for Hidden Tor websites. Some of the features we have introduced is:- Control Panel for […]

Web Hosting: Upgrading to the Cloud!

We are planning a major upgrade to our Cloud platform which will result in improved performance and stability to our Managed Cloud Servers. The upgraded Cloud platform will also allow us to move and upgrade all Web Hosting servers to the Cloud! You will not only see improved performance with your Web Hosting accounts but […]

ipconfig vs. ifconfig

One of the most popular networking command in Linux is the ifconfig command. It lets you see (and configure) IP address for network interface. It also shows the MAC address for each interface. The MAC address and the IP address viewing is probably the most common reason for using the ifconfig command. In addition the […]

Christmas Support Hours

CHRISTMAS IS COMING AND SO IS SANTA  Customers can be assured that our support department will be fully operational during the Christmas period. There will be zero holidays for us so we can continue to provide excellent service and support to our customers. On behalf of OneHost Cloud & Security we wish you all a […]

Get Ready for PHP 7

2015 has been an important year for PHP. Eleven years after its 5.0 release, a new major version is finally coming our way! PHP 7 is scheduled for release before the end of the year, bringing many new language features and an impressive performance boost. But how will this impact your current PHP codebase? What […]

Standard VPS Hosting vs. Cloud Solutions

There are various web hosting plans available on the Internet to host your website or your ecommerce online store. Some of available hosting choices offer discount coupons too and can save hosting budgets dramatically. For a developer or seasonal web hosting customer, selecting the best web hosting plan is rather easy. But for any newbie, […]

Switching to SHA-2 SSL Certificates

SHA-2 SSL Certificates Greetings! Do you have an SSL certificate installed on your website? If so, please check if your certificate was generated using the SHA-1 algorithm. We would urge customers using SHA-1 based SSL certificates to consider replacing them with ones generated using SHA-2 algorithm.

New VPS Dedicated Machines being Provisioned

NEW INTEL SERVER UPGRADE We are pleased to announce that we are upgrading all server that host our VPS VM’s. These new intel servers have the latest in core technology and we are excited to be able to see our customers benefit from this upgrade. During this process we will need to migrate 240 Vm’s […]

Secure Your WordPress

There are various types of WordPress hosting out there. Secured hosting is just one option, and definitely one that you want to consider. After all, there are many more complaints of hacked websites recently than ever before. It’s up to you to find the best way to keep your website safe. Before you invest in […]

Heartbleed Bug Patched for All Servers

We are happy to announce that the Heartbleed Bug (CVE-2014-0160) is patched for all our servers which are vulnerable to it. Along with the patch we are required to perform a restart to services which are affected, including LiteSpeed Web Server, cPanel & WHM, Mail Services, FTP Services, etc and there was a brief service […]