After the ongoing success of our Kali Linux VPS Hosting we are now in the final stages of rolling out our latest edition of our pentesting series by bring an optimized Backbox distribution to our customers.

OneHost Cloud & Security has been at the forefront of providing Pentesting Virtual Machines and is the number one Kali Linux hosting provider. Backbox is similar in many ways to Kali Linux but there are some features that seasoned Backbox users my be used to and hence our decision to add this distribution to our range of Pentesting Distros.

Customers will enjoy the fast provisioning times of our Virtual Private Machines and after completing our registration page ( anonymous credentials allowed ) and payment your Backbox VPS will be provisioned in less than 120 seconds.

BackBox’s default desktop is the Xfce desktop and the latest stable version is Xfce 4.12 though other versions can be installed after you receive your VPS. All our VPS Machines can be customized after your receive it so that you can use your VPS Machine and configure it to what you are used to.

Some features of the latest Backbox 4.7 include:-

  • Web application analysis
  • vulnerability assessments
  • computer forensic analysis

New special features include the ability to wipe contents in RAM at shutdown or reboot and an improved Anonymous Mode. This release also has updated hacking tools such as apktool, armitage, BeEF Project, can-utils, dex2jar, fimap, JD-GUI, metasploit-framework, OpenVAS, setoolkit, sqlmap, Tor, Weevely, WPScan and zaproxy.

To view our list of Backbox VPS Hosting plans you can visit our Pentesting Plans here