We like to think of ourselves as different.

Ever notice how when you click something you shouldn’t when managing your website and everything just stops working? What do you do, who can you turn to? Most resort to lodging a support ticket and hopefully you receive a quick response as your website is currently down and this could lead to lost revenue. It are things like these that puts OneHost Cloud ahead of all the big hosting providers as we understand the importance of receiving fast support and assured that matters are resolved without lengthly downtime. We have multiple streams of support options to cater for almost every customer – the choice is yours. Contact us via the archaic way of telephone, our live chat or via our support ticketing system. What ever method you use you can be assured that you will be given a fast response and immediate answers and fixes to your problem. This is what sets up apart. If you read the reviews from current and previous customers on the well known web hosting review site HostAdvice, you will notice that almost all reviews reiterate what I just stated above.

Customer support and customer service is our top priority and much has been done within our business to guarantee that we continue to provide exceptional service to both existing and future customers in such a way that they would never want to leave once they experience our level of service and support.

In addition to the above, OneHost Cloud is passionate about protecting customers privacy and data and we go to great lengths and have put strict procedures in place to make sure that our customers privacy always remains intact and similarly our customer data will remain encrypted and private. OneHost Cloud will NEVER share any information about any of our customers to any individual or corporate entity, this includes law enforcement and any subpoena if received. We want to make sure that we provide such a unique service that customers can be confident that their privacy remains private at all times and that OneHost Cloud is looking out for their best interests all the time.

We may not be the biggest Cloud and Web Hosting provider but we do not want to be the biggest – we want to be the best, renowned for providing such a service that none of the bigger hosting providers cannot provide due to their size and lack of staffing to handle their increased customer base.

OneHost Cloud & Security was founded in 2015 and since then we have grown at a rate that we would not have expected. We are the only Cloud Hosting provider that offers products to Security Professionals such as Penetration Testing Distributions namely Kali Linux, Backbox and Parrot Security.

OneHost Cloud & Security is backed by a wealthy UK businessman who saw the ability of our founder and Head of Cyber Operations, Ben McGuire who once was an active member of the Hacking Collective “Anonymous” who now puts his vast skills in cyber and network intrusion techniques to provide a secure hosting environment to customers of OneHost Cloud & Security. Mr McGuire is always available to offer his assistance to customers who wish to further secure their websites and/or servers and he will go above and beyond to always make sure the customers of OneHost Cloud are happy and have a trouble free experience here at OneHost Cloud & Security.

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Openstack & VMware

We have build all our hosting infrastructure around Openstack and VMware to provide a state-of-the-art cluster and high availability system to bring the best possible performance to our servers and therefore and hosting websites and virtual private servers


Cloudlinux provides extreme protection due to specific kernel optimization and hardening to provide increased server and hosting security for customers hosting products.

Cloudflare Partner

We have partnered with Content Delivery Network provider Cloudflare to provide all our CDN and WAF services to our web hosting infrastructure. Cloudflare increases performance an minimizes costs via decreased bandwidth and in turn provides faster page load times and this is a positive impact of user experience and SEO ranking


OneHost Cloud is the top pick for customer service across the board. Thanks to all customers who
value our products and services

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Our management teams come from diverse backgrounds and each bring specific skills that OneHost Cloud uses to provide great hosting

Camille Hailey

Customer Support Manager

Camille is passionate about providing exceptional customer service and oversees our support center

John Hamilton

Senior Network Architect | CyberOps

Our most senior Network Architect John has over 30 years experience in large hosting environments

Julie Sinclair

Head of Accounting

Without Julie we never would get paid so she is a valued member of our team

Ben McGuire

Founder | Head of Cyber Operations

Mr McGuire heads of Cyber Ops team that oversees the security of our hosting and server infrastructure


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